Social media user finds man who helped father, toddler safety after accident on Hwy 28

Woman wants to thank man again for helping her family in time of need

Photo by Arifur Rahman Tushar
Photo by Arifur Rahman Tushar (Pexels.com)

SAN ANTONIOUPDATE: About 9 minutes after KSAT posted this story on Facebook, a user tagged the good Samaritan who helped a man and his 18-month-old daughter to safety after an accident on Highway 281.

KSAT confirmed with the man’s wife that the man tagged in the post was indeed the person who helped her family.

We have reached out to the good Samaritan and will update this story if he gets back to us.


A woman is looking for the man who dropped everything to help her husband and 18-month-old daughter after they were involved in an accident on Highway 281.

The woman, who chose not to be identified, said in a Reddit post that before 6 a.m. Wednesday, her husband was driving to take their daughter to her grandmother’s house before he headed to work.

The woman said her husband was driving near the 7500 block of U.S. 281 South when his truck began to spin and then hit a wall on the highway. She said first responders went to the scene, and police asked her husband who was going to take him home.

A man stopped and offered to bring the woman’s husband and daughter home. She said fire crews helped install the child’s car seat in the man’s truck.

The woman said she met her husband and daughter outside when the man brought them home. She said the man refused to take any money from her.

“Thank you for giving my baby warmth. Thank you for bringing them home for me. You did this out of kindness of your heart and I will always be grateful to whoever you are. I hope you see this,” the woman said in her Reddit post.

The woman told KSAT.com said she believes her daughter is still shaken up after the accident. She said her husband’s leg was injured and he is currently in pain, so he’s taking the rest of the week off of work. He plans to return on Monday.

The woman tells us she just wants to thank the man again for helping.

“He stopped when he didn’t have to. Thought of my daughter’s comfort. Brought them home when he didn’t have to. Held my baby when her dad couldn’t,” the woman told KSAT.com.

If you are the person who helped, or you know them, the woman asks that you contact her via email at abim1031@icloud.com.

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