Restoring West Side mural moves into virtual world

David Blancas features his restoration of ‘La Musica de San Anto’ on Zoom, Facebook

SAN ANTONIO – Visual artist David Blancas is among San Antonio artists struggling to showcase their work during a time of isolation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We've had to change the way we do things," Blancas said.

Since more people are now interacting on Zoom and Facebook Live, Blancas said he decided to bring his work to them during twice-monthly live episodes featuring his restoration of the West Side mural, “La Musica de San Anto.”

The next live event will be at 5:30 p.m. Friday on Zoom and Facebook. Click here for details about the viewing.

Update in the works for iconic West Side mural

“It made more sense to continue the project virtually,” Blancas said. “We have a platform. We’re going to have Q&A. We’re going to have live painting.”

Not only will Blancas show how he’s creating each 5-foot wide, 20-foot high panel, he said guest speakers will be joining the conversation. Blancas said they will answer questions and share and hear stories about the music legends depicted in the expansive mural at the gateway to the West Side, just off the West Commerce overpass.

On Friday, Blancas said his guest will be the daughter of San Antonio’s First Lady of Song, the late Rosita Fernandez.

Diana Rosa Almaguer Orellana said she is very happy with his depiction of Rosita.

"It looks just like my mother," she said.

But, even more so, Orellana said she appreciates what Blancas is doing to preserve the music of everyone on the mural.

“It’s really important and these people contributed a lot to San Antonio," she said.

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