It’s a Spur, it’s a plane... it’s a monolith at the AT&T Center?

Spurs mascot boasts online that he knows where the object vanished to

Coyote with monolith at the AT&T Center. (Copyright 2020 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Spurs have jumped into the monolith fun after the mysterious object vanished from its precarious placement in Utah.

The metallic giant was discovered in Utah’s red-rock desert during a helicopter survey of bighorn sheep in southeastern Utah, officials told the Associated press on Nov. 24.

According to the AP report, the monolith was removed by an “unknown party” on Nov. 27. A spokesperson for the Bureau of Land Management said it was not done by the agency.

According to the biologists who spotted the monolith, the structure stood at 11 feet tall with sides that appeared to be made out of stainless steel.

On Tuesday, the Spurs Coyote mascot announced on social media that he was able to get the latest scoop revolving around ‘monolith madness’ after the art installation, or alien gift, vanished from its original placement.

“NEW: Mysterious monolith appears in San Antonio after Utah one vanishes,” The Coyote tweeted on Tuesday.

Could the great monolith have ended up in San Antonio, discovered only by the Spurs’ beloved mascot, Coyote? Or is it just an edited photo? We’ll let you decide. Cue The Twilight Zone theme music.

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