We asked, you answered: What does Martin Luther King Jr. Day mean to you?

Here’s what KSAT viewers said about the meaning of the holiday

Image of a previous MLK March in San Antonio. This year the march is virtual due to COVID-19.
Image of a previous MLK March in San Antonio. This year the march is virtual due to COVID-19.

SAN ANTONIO – Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and we wanted to know what this day means to KSAT viewers.

We posed the question on our Instagram page, asked you to weigh in and below are some of the responses we received.

Growing up my elementary school had a lot of cool posters of public figures and authors all over the walls. MLK was among them and it was my favorite poster to read every time I walked in. It read “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Even today at 21 years old I think about this quote often, especially with everything that has been going on. MLK Day for me is about honoring someone who had the courage to stand up for what is right, being fully aware of how dangerous it could be. It is about honoring someone who taught us that we can only achieve unity and peace by acting with compassion for our fellow man.

calistarenae on Instagram

Unity. Something lacking right now.

tml1980 on Instagram

MLK didn’t just “preach equality.” He “walked the walk” unlike any person in my lifetime. In times like now - more than ever - his aura and spirituality are sorely missed.

reedrock88 on Instagram

Respect each other and care for one another.

Christinemata5 on Instagram

A day on, not a day off. Serving the community, unity, and social justice.

Ivleaguenurse on Instagram

It is a chance to unite in the belief that we are all equals. We are more than race, political affiliations, economic situations or religious beliefs. We are children of this planet and can coexist.

batmanofsanantonio on Instagram

As I grew up on the Eastside, it was always an exciting event and at peace. Up to this day, we’ve marched, now my children love this march. Parade, festivites afterward. So sad without our usual celebration of MLK Jr. God bless our Land.

isaveltrejo on Instagram

That fighting for civil rights was worth every second!

esquergloria on Instagram

That we are all the same.

esparza5978 on Instagram

MLK Day reminds me that it’s our responsibility to constantly reevaluate our society and stand up for what’s right. On the one hand, it’s incredible that something so obvious was a subject of public debate within my parents’ lifetime. On the other, some people clearly never actually moved forward from that point at all. The work is far from over, but The Dream remains a powerful vision of the world I want to leave to my children.

Sarabeth Burns on Facebook

Hope! We’ve come a long way since his time here on Earth but still have a lot of work to do especially after taking a few steps back recently.

Clay Aguirre on Facebook

To live freely, embracing diversity, and looking at a person’s character.

Lori Michelle on Facebook

Unity in our community.

Dennis Bradburn

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