Here’s how the inside of your home plays a role in your daily mood, productivity

Experts say a person’s emotions, mood are impacted by their surroundings

Did you know the way your home is decorated may play a role in your productivity?

In a new study from OnePoll, half of Americans accomplish more when they are facing a blank wall in their home.

53 percent say they can’t listen to music or podcasts while working, because it’s too distracting.

And if something in the room is out of place, 66% say they can’t think about anything else until it’s fixed. That’s because a person’s emotions and mood are impacted by their surroundings.

One in four people said their mood changed depending on their environment.

Experts say a majority of people say having a tidy room that smells good, helps them stay on top of their work.

The study also found working from home can make it difficult for people to unwind. Most say having a designated routine, or area in their home can help them de-stress from the work day.

The color of your room can also determine your productivity. Experts suggest creating a space that’s both productive yet relaxing can be a challenge, but simple changes in an environment can powerfully impact mood and productivity.

So when it comes to decorating your home, the pandemic caused high demand for home office equipment, but the study found comfort is still most important to Americans.

Experts say to think about how something feels, sounds and smells before buying it.

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