Mariachi performer has truck, equipment stolen while performing in downtown San Antonio

Suspects seen on surveillance footage using Rogelio Martinez’s truck, credit cards

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio mariachi performer is desperate for the return of his truck that was stolen along with thousands of dollars worth of band equipment inside.

San Antonio police said the vehicle theft happened right on Nov. 19.

Rogelio Martinez, the leader of Mariachi Fusion, said the thieves made off with his livelihood.

Martinez has been performing since he was 10 years old.

“I created Mariachi Fusion because it is a mixture of mariachi and other popular genres that I love,” he said. “I just bought this truck to use it to transport my band and our equipment to different gigs.”

Martinez said he also used his truck and musical services to do volunteer events at different schools and even allowed other mariachi teachers to borrow his equipment.

The night of the burglary, Martinez said he was just wrapping up a gig around 9 p.m. which is four hours after he parked at a meter along East Commerce Street.

That is when he realized another car was parked in the spot where his truck was. Martinez said the truck, a silver 2015 Hemi Ram 1500, was locked.

“Fortunately, not all of my equipment was in there,” he said. “Just mic cables, my guitar, a big sound system. It wasn’t in plain sight, either. I have a truck cover, so the only way someone would have noticed it was if they opened the truck entirely.”

Martinez bought the $29,000 truck three months ago and made a payment on the truck three days before it was stolen.

“I am scrambling because I am having to owe money on a truck because the insurance isn’t willing to pay the full cost,” he said.

Also in the truck was Martinez’s wallet that contained all of his important identification documents, like his driver’s license, his social security card and cash.

“It is just a bad feeling, you know,” he said. “Someone has your property and they know where you live. These guys are going full throttle with no respect for anybody’s privacy or lives or anything all.”

Martinez said he got a notification on his credit report after the theft happened.

“Sure enough, they tried to open a credit card online through Chase,” Martinez said. “It is baffling to me, like these guys really don’t care.”

He immediately reported his theft to San Antonio police, but the Jourdanton Police Department is also investigating after two men believed to be the suspects were caught on camera using Martinez’s truck at a store.

The truck also has 20-inch chrome rims, a black bed cover over the back, a New England Patriots logo on the tailgate, a Patriots license plate frame, and the plate number is PXR7542.

The truck was a way for Martinez to feed his wife and five children.

Martinez said he is uneasy knowing his property is still out there, but he hopes the people responsible will do the right thing.

“Keep it anonymous,” he said. “You know what you have, and you know what you took from me. I need this. Just leave it somewhere and put everything back. Keep the cash, I don’t care. Give me my documents but leave it somewhere and turn your life around. Try to make better choices. At the end of the day, it is not worth it.”

Martinez is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with any information that can help him get his truck back.

You can contact Martinez at 817-773-3830.

If you see Martinez’s truck, call law enforcement.

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