Family accidentally cooks snake in oven with pizza

A North Carolina family had an uninvited dinner guest on pizza night.

The Wake Forest family put a pizza in the oven to bake, but when the oven started smoking, they found something completely unexpected and unsettling inside -- a seared snake.

“The oven started smoking, and I told my boys to back up so I can make sure fire or anything didn’t happen. I looked closely and I was like ‘Oh my god. That’s a friggin’ snake.’" Amber Helm told WRAL.

The family said they have no idea how the snake got in the oven. They plan on bringing in animal experts to figure that out.

And if you’re wondering if they ate the pizza, they did not. In fact, they haven’t used the oven since the snake incident.

“It’s in double-, triple-cleaning mode,” Robert Helm said. “I cleaned it through a cycle last night. It’s soaking now. The grill grates have been pulled.”