How to keep your pet safe this holiday season

SAN ANTONIOHoliday meals bring everyone together, even the four legged friends, but there are several foods that Fido shouldn't gobble up.

"They're used to eating their dog food all the time," said Dr. Michael Mixon, a veterinarian at Texas Veterinary Hospitals. "Then thanksgiving comes and they get a plate of ham and turkey and gravy and all the fixings. It really tears their insides up because they're just not ready for it. They're not used to it."

Dr. Mixon said that dogs are omnivores, which he says means they can eat everything, but only if they're bodies are used to it. 

He said most raw fruits and vegetables they can handle, but foods like tortillas and burritos are not good.

Dr. Mixon said that if you want to treat your pet this holiday, give them their usual treat.

"If they're not used to it, they can't have a whole bag of bacon treats, cause you'll be seeing me the next morning. It will be a mess."

He said symptoms that your pup ate something it shouldn't have are vomiting and diarrhea.  

"Love doesn't equal food."

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