Save big with your money, water and time with the Beyer Boys

The Beyer Boys will help you be efficient with your hot water

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SAN ANTONIODon't you just hate it when you have to wait what seems like forever for the shower water to get hot?

Thanks to the Beyer Boys, you can save up to 12,000 gallons of water a month, and reduce your water & sewage bill in the process.

The Beyer Boys reduce water by a new technology system called a “Taco pump."

Yes a Taco pump, and it works!

Pat Beyer, Owner, Beyer Boys, said, "The taco pump will reduce your stress in the morning. It will circulate the water and will be about 80 degrees when you need it." 

Pat Beyer, Owner, Beyer Boys said that the Taco pump has a smart computer on it that will learn what your behaviors are and circulate the hot water there when you need it.

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“It will actually learn your patterns of when you take a shower, when you turn the sink on in the kitchen and when you do your dishes," Beyer said.

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Beyer Boys will install the Taco pump at the farthest place away from your water heater, to help circulate the water at an 80-degree temperature.

Thanks to this amazing Taco pump, you won't have to wait for hot water, and you will be saving money!

Don't waste any more water and money and call the Beyer Boys at 210-656-9027 or visit to schedule an appointment.

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