RECIPE: Vegan Concha

Add some sunshine to your life with sweet vegan AND non vegan treats

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Let your conchas be your guide

Sunshine Bakery

The Sunshine Bakery, located at 1001 N New Braunfels Ave features all of your favorite Mexican treats including, marranitos, empanadas, and of course, conchas! The Sunshine Bakery can be your new favorite panaderia and the best part is, they also have vegan options. Their vegan options include treats and drinks that can help satisfy your craving without any animal by products. Sunshine Bakery has been bringing sunshine to everyone's lives since 1977. They are family owned which makes the bakery a great place filled with a communal atmosphere. Owner Kayla Matta adopted the franchise from her grandparents and has since made it a modern establishment great for the whole family. So, if you need a study spot, a place to take the kids after school, or just a cure for your sweet tooth, head to the Sunshine Bakery! They are open Tuesday through Saturday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM.