Experiencing irregular mood swings? Health center offers a free online hormone test for men, women

Hormone replacement therapy can reduce or eliminate uncomfortable symptoms

SAN ANTONIO – Hormone changes that happen later in life can be difficult to navigate for some women, especially when you take menopause into consideration.

With multiple hormones taking effect in a woman’s body, the effects of hormone deficiency can be almost intolerable.

Do you think your hormone levels may be off? You are not alone. Hormone imbalance ranges for each person, and it’s not genetic. It’s a natural change that happens as a result of age.

Men and women both suffer from various forms of hormone imbalance as they age, but women typically experience more physical changes than men do.

Menopause symptoms can include anxiety, mood swings, inability to sleep, weight fluctuations, thinning hair, headaches and migraines.

Getting older can be difficult enough emotionally without the added physical changes like hot flashes that keep you up at night.

Hormone replacement therapy treatments can help stabilize the levels of hormones in your body to bring you back to a time you can enjoy again.

According to the Hormone Wellness Center of Texas, hormone deficiency affects almost all women.

If you’ve been diagnosed with perimenopause, menopause or low testosterone, then you’ve probably tried everything to experience relief. If you need to seek professional options to eliminate uncomfortable symptoms, the center can customize your hormone levels to the levels that you feel the best. The plans are never one size fits all.

Interested in seeing what your hormone levels are? Take a free online hormone test. Tests are available for men and women.