UTSA, 9 other Texas schools on list of nation's safest college campuses

UTSA was second safest in Texas

Photo courtesy: UTSA
Photo courtesy: UTSA

SAN ANTONIO – The University of Texas at San Antonio is the second safest college campus in Texas and ranks No. 30 for safe campuses across the country.

That's according to 11 years' worth of data from hundreds of public and private colleges analyzed by ASecureLife, a company that researches and reviews the security industry.

"Assuring that our students and entire campus community can live, learn and work in a safe environment is our top priority," said Gerald Lewis, UTSA associate vice president of public safety and chief of police, in a press release. 

UTSA updated its orientation programs this year to place a greater emphasis on campus safety, according to the press release. The school also has a Live Safe app where students can receive security notices, report crime and share their location in an emergency.

Ten Texas universities made ASecureLife's list of 100 Most Secure College Campuses in the U.S.

·    Sam Houston State (No. 28)
·    UTSA (No. 30)
·    The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (No. 31)
·    Texas Women's University (No. 38)
·    Texas Tech University (No. 66)
·    The University of North Texas (No. 77)
·    The University of Texas-Austin (No. 79)
·    Baylor University (No. 95)
·    The University of Texas at Dallas (No. 97)
·    Texas A&M University (No. 98)

According to the ASecureLife study, the safest college campus in the country is Tuoro College in New York City.

The study found that burglary is the most reported crime on all college campuses. It constituted 42% of all crimes reported by colleges in 2016. Still, on-campus property crime has dropped over the past 15 years, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

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