Texas woman spits on 7-Eleven counter after being told to wear a mask

Woman couldn't buy beer, candy without mask

Face masks required sign
Face masks required sign (WJXT)

FORT WORTH, Texas – A Texas woman became verbally abusive and spit on the counter of a 7-Eleven after being told she needed to wear a face mask in order to make a purchase.

In a video posted on Facebook, the cashier at the Fort Worth store appears to be telling the woman she cannot buy the beer and candy because she is not wearing a mask.

The video shows the woman arguing with the cashier, saying she has a right in America not to wear a mask. The clerk points at a sign on the door that tells customers they're required to do so.

Does wearing a mask pose any health risks?

In Tarrant County, customers are required to wear masks inside of businesses to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Businesses that do not require customers to wear face masks are in violation of the order.

Videos of people refusing to wear a mask in public places and reacting aggressively have become common on social media.