This all-American N95 mask not only protects you, but our nation’s economic future

Keep yourself protected with these Made in USA N95 masks
Keep yourself protected with these Made in USA N95 masks (SureWay Health)

While there may be a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we are definitely not there yet. Vaccinations have surpassed 160 million doses in the United States, according to data from the CDC, yet Dr. Fauci fears that America is on the brink of another surge, in part due to variants, in part due to relaxed restrictions. The bottom line is we still need to keep in mind our safety precautions, and if you need yet another reminder, the basics are to wash your hands, keep your distance, and wear a mask.

We are going to go out on a limb and say you likely have amassed a collection of masks—some homemade, some store-bought, maybe a bandana or two. But do any of them show how patriotic you are? Oh, we don’t mean displaying the stars and stripes on your face, or a replica of the Constitution covering your mouth and nose. We mean a mask that is 100% made and distributed by American companies—a mask that not only protects you, since its an N95 mask, but also protects our nation’s economic future.

Before the pandemic hit Michigan-based company SureWay was a consumer electronics distributor and Ohio-based ALG was an LED manufacturing factory. When the virus became widespread they recognized that their resources could be put to better use. They realized that what the country really needed was help during the pandemic, so they took those resources (all based in the U.S.) in another direction and started making personal protection equipment (PPE), specifically a full line of medical-grade Patriot N95 Masks. Not only did this mean that Americans from east to west could be confident in the quality of the product, but it was a means of investing in the future of the United States.

ALG undertook the manufacturing while SureWay Health was in charge of distribution. This all-American approach ensured a strengthening of the economy by increasing employment opportunities across the Midwest. It is truly a win-win situation. ALG supplies the federal government, military, and many of the U.S. health systems, solidifying their reputation. Catering to men and women in the medical fields, first responders, military, humanitarian workers, and now you, the goal is to ensure that we feel safe in our environment, while bringing manufacturing of key protective supplies like N95 Masks back to our country.

All Patriot Masks are hospital-grade and made with ultra-elastic nylon headbands to form a secure seal on your face, protecting you from airborne viruses and bacteria for up to 8 hours at a time. Made with 5 layers of fabric, you’ll still be able to breathe easy, while the Spandex foam nose pad cushions your nose bridge to provide extra comfort. Each Patriot mask also features a galvanized iron-nose clip, allowing you to create a custom shape to fit your unique face contours. Coming in four different shapes, and available in 2 sizes, when used properly, a box of Patriot Masks can last up to a month.

Of course, this pandemic won’t last forever, but the uses for the Patriot Mask can go far and beyond our current situation. It is also a great defense against wildfire smoke and is being used across the country in the construction, healthcare, waste removal, and home improvement industries. With the Patriot Mask, we can stay safe and stand proud.