Watch Chrissy Teigen Surprise the 'Cheer' Cast While in a Bubble Bath


Chrissy Teigen is showing her love for Cheer! The 34-year-old model delighted the cast of Netflix's hit reality series when she and her mom, Vilailuck Teigen, popped in to surprise them on their "Cheer Chat" Zoom call, which they started while quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Clad in towels both around her body and in her hair, Teigen made cast members, including Gabi Butler, Morgan Simianer, Lexi Brumback and Monica Aldama, excitedly cheer for her as she was seen sitting in a bubble bath.

Whitney Cummings, who was serving as a host of sorts for the chat, also asked Teigen to help pick what A-list actors would play the Cheer cast in a potential movie about the Navarro cheerleading squad.

The model was up for the task, tapping her and John Legend's 4-year-old daughter, Luna, to play Butler, while "a blonde Emma Stone" was chosen to star as Brumback. She wanted Anne Hathaway for the role of Simianer, and both Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock were floated around as potential actresses to take on the role of Aldama. 

The fun kept on going when a shirtless John Legend made a surprise appearance on the call.

"Leave me alone with my friends!" Teigen joked when her husband walked in the room.

Michael Buble also stopped in, before avid Cheer fansAshton Kutcher and Mila Kunis joined the call.

"Guys, we've been such a fan of yours. I don't know if you know this, but my husband and I are big Cheer fans and so congratulations on your big win," Kunis gushed. "You guys are awesome. You have the best coach ever. "

"We've been working on the lift. I tried to launch Mila off the stairs. I‘ve only dropped her a couple of times, so a few less than you guys have been dropped," Kutcher quipped.

Kunis went on to volunteer herself to play Butler in the Cheer movie, joking, "You want to see me do half the s**t she does?"

The 36-year-old actress also disagreed with some of the previous suggestions, instead casting Teigen as Burmback and Jennifer Aniston as Aldama.

The call continues with Buble, who had just started the show, requesting that he not hear any spoilers.

"Is Canada that behind?" Kunis asked.

"It's just me," Buble replied with a laugh.

When ET caught up with fellow Cheer star Jerry Harris in January, he gushed about the support he and his teammates have received since the debut of the series.

"The amount of love and positivity that people have shown us is truly incredible 'cause we really don't think how much we affect others until they reach out and actually let us know that we've done something to them," he said. "So it's just been a complete blessing, and we're so happy that we've been able to do that for people."


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