'The Bold Type' Season 4: Sutton and Kat Meet Jane's New Breast Friends in Sneak Peek Clip (Exclusive)

Get ready for a flashy first look at the return of Jane, Sutton and Kat!

The Bold Type’s fourth season is coming back to Freeform on Thursday, June 11 -- and only ET has your exclusive sneak peek at the mid-season premiere!

When we last left off with our three favorite friends in March, Sutton had just said "I do" to Richard, (and a new stylist gig!) Kat was officially fired from Scarlet, and Jane made the difficult decisions to break up with Ryan and have a preventative double mastectomy.

In ET's one-minute Bold Type sneak peek, it’s been roughly three months since Jane’s surgery and she’s introducing her new "breast friends" to her very best friends: Sutton and Kat. 

"I don’t know," Jane says somberly after her two friends shower her with compliments about her new curves. "I mean, they just don’t seem like me. I miss my old ones."

The Bold Type Jane

ET recently chatted with star Katie Stevens ahead of the new episodes and the 27-year-old actress opened up about Jane’s mental and physical journey still to come in season 4. 

"I mean she’s kind of in rough shape," Stevens shared over a video interview, "This was something I spoke a lot with the writers about. I knew that [Jane’s storyline] was heavily dealing with the post-mastectomy journey of it all involving her physical healing."

"But I feel like she has a lot of emotional healing to do too, because she just broke up with a person that she thought was supposed to be her person -- and I don’t think that that’s something that you just breeze over," she continued, "So I was really happy that the writers found a way to kind of put those two things together."

The Bold Type’s fourth season returns Thursday, June 11, on Freeform.


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