30-hour coffin challenge coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Response to challenge was 'overwhelming'

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SAN ANTONIOSan Antonio's Six Flags Fiesta Texas will host its own coffin challenge this weekend. 

You may have heard about the challenge issued by Six Flags in St. Louis. Now, the same contest is happening here.

Participants who last 30 hours in a coffin will receive $300 cash, 2019 Gold season passes, and passes to the park's Express Haunted House. 

Fiesta Texas has already chosen the six participants for this weekend's challenge. A press release said, "Among those selected are a funeral services representative, someone who loves to do nothing and an actor who had to lie in an onstage coffin."

The participants must stay in the coffin for 30 hours. They will be provided meals which they must eat in the coffins and will be allowed a six-minute bathroom break each hour.

While the participants will be subjected to "random, terrifying visits by the Fright Fest Freaks," organizers apparently didn't want to make the experience too traumatizing. Participants will be provided with phone charging stations so they won't have to be without their phones and can stay connected on social media.

The coffin dwellers will be "laid to rest" on Friday at 1 p.m. and must remain in the coffins until Saturday at 7 p.m.


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