5 of the best ways to keep your pets safe when a natural disaster strikes

Hurricane season is here, and it got us thinking ...

A dog and a cat (Pexels/stock image)

Natural disasters can often happen quickly with little to no warning.

These situations can be wide-ranging, too -- whether you’re dealing with a massive wildfire, a tornado or a hurricane.

Keeping your family and pets well-prepared for these types of emergencies is essential in remaining safe. Understanding the best ways to keep your pets safe during a natural disaster is critical for any pet owner, and is well worth the extra effort.

Here are a few of the most effective ways to keep our furry friends out of harm’s way:

No. 1: Consider buying a pet carrier.

One of the most important ways to keep your pets safe is to purchase a carrier that allows you to take them with you in your vehicle. Maybe your dog’s already great at jumping in the car to accompany you on a ride. Maybe you have a cat that needs some convincing.

Pet carriers, if you need one, are available in a wide range of sizes.

Buying these carriers in advance will save you a lot of time and make the evacuation process much easier.

No. 2: Keep an emergency kit handy.

Another easy way to keep your pets safe is always to have an emergency kit nearby that is specifically for pets.

An emergency kit can carry a wide variety of items, such as medications, food, and your pet’s favorite treats. It’s also a good idea to have a separate container of fresh water. Staying prepared in advance is a great way to minimize stress while also maximizing the safety of your pets.

No. 3: Use a microchip.

One of the most effective ways to locate your pet is to use a microchip.

Many adoption agencies and breeders already use chips for each animal.

A pet can easily get lost during a storm, but a microchip is a great way for an animal shelter employee to scan the chip and find your contact information. These microchips can save you a lot of time -- and may be the difference in helping you locate a lost pet, should something like that happen.

No. 4: Secure your property.

Keeping your property secure is essential in keeping your pets well-protected during a natural disaster.

Taking the extra time to keep your pets in a nearby room is a good way to avoid them running off due to severe weather.

Pets that are nearby are also much easier for you to take with you if you must evacuate without spending precious time trying to find a frightened animal.

No. 5: Stay calm.

Many pets can pick up on your energy.

Take things one step at a time; think health, wellness and safety first, and remain calm and confident that you can get through this (possibly scary) time. Know when to call for help and make sure you’ve done as much preparation as possible.

A natural disaster can create problems, of course, but remaining prepared is one of the best ways to limit the damage from Mother Nature.

Any ideas we left off our list, that you’d recommend? Drop them in the comments below.