These kitchen items from Amazon I actually use in my own kitchen

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Author’s note: My name is Jack Roskopp and I’m a writer who loves to whip up my own recipes at home. I cook in my kitchen pretty regularly, and ever since COVID-19 made going to restaurants a thing I don’t do as much anymore, there is almost always something going down in my kitchen these days.

Trying to build your kitchen from the ground up can be a daunting task. If you’re not a regular cook, certain tools can look pretty daunting, and there always seems to be a new kitchen gadget on the market that looks incredibly intimidating to use.

Some of these things I’ve accumulated since the pandemic started because I wanted to try out some more complicated recipes, and others I’ve been using and they’ve turned into my old faithfuls.

You can get them all on Amazon, and since it’s Prime Day, why not treat yourself to something special for your kitchen?

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Instant Pot

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