Detroit filmmaker shares dramatic personal stories of inner city life

Check out the YouTube video for the full, compelling interview

Detroit filmmaker Ken "Legend" Williams. (Ken "Legend" Williams)

Following the trial and conviction of Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd, along with several other high-profile police cases in the past few years, it seems as though much of the nation is laser-focused on justice and equality for Black communities everywhere.

Ken “Legend” Williams, a Detroit independent filmmaker, has had the topic on his mind for much of his life; so much so, that 20 years after he began dreaming of making a film, he’s finally released “Asbury Park,” which shares dramatic and realistic stories of inner city life.

Watch the full, compelling interview in the YouTube video below.

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Williams, in the video above, shares behind-the-scenes stories that have brought the remarkable film to life -- all of which are similar to the most relevant topic at the moment.

“If you call 911, the police may or may not show up,” Williams said of growing up in an urban area. “But you know like I do, if I got caught with that gun at 12, I would have been labeled a criminal. But in reality, I was a boy trying to protect my mother.”

The film features some top-tier actors who agreed to be part of the project because they shared the same passion as Williams, and believed the message of what urban life is like should be shared.

“Asbury Park” is expected to debut in film festivals later this year with a wide release to follow.

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