Is it time to repipe my home? Here’s what you should look for, according to plumbing experts

Check to see if your water is rusty or foul-smelling

Clean Team Plumbing

Even the most competent homeowners have trouble with their plumbing because it is often too difficult to locate and inspect.

Because we rarely see them, we often forget to think about the condition of our homes’ pipes.

To make life easier, the Clean Team Plumbing experts said they’re ready to help you determine if your home requires repiping.

Is your home 50 years old or older?

If built more than 50 years ago, it may be an excellent idea to replace your home’s pipes, according to Clean Team Plumbing.

Repiping a 50-year-old house is less about your home’s age and more about the material used for plumbing pipes in the past.

For decades, galvanized steel was the material of choice for pipes, said Clean Team Plumbing.

While this steel is sturdy, it also tends to corrode after having served its purpose for 50 years or so. Corroded steel pipes could lead to leaks or other problems in your home, experts said.

Are you experiencing constant leaks?

Suppose your home’s plumbing is constantly experiencing leaks. In that case, it’s most likely the result of either aging pipes or shoddy quality, according to Clean Team Plumbing.

Aging lines, especially those made of galvanized steel, are susceptible to corrosion, leading to cracks in your pipes.

Not only will the pipes reduce your water pressure, but they will also cause your water bill to rise. If this problem is localized, then it may be repaired. However, if the problem is systemic, it is better to repipe your entire home. Otherwise, you will be replacing your plumbing one pipe at a time, said Clean Team Plumbing.

Is your water rusty or foul-smelling?

Once corroded, a pipe may leach several different chemicals into your water supply. The most noticeable of these is rust, which results from your water passing through rusty steel pipes.

You may also notice that your water begins to take on a noticeable odor that seems to come from nowhere. This odor can come from the pipes themselves, or it may result from something finding its way into your water supply through cracks in your lines.

Does your family experience health problems?

If you or your family feels that their health has suddenly taken a turn for the worse, your plumbing may be at fault, according to Clean Team Plumbing. Chemicals leaching from old pipes may be making their way into your drinking water and harming your family that way.

It may also be that a leak has run unchecked for an extended period. During this time, mold may have begun to grow near the leak. Mold growing in your home is a serious issue, as it not only damages your home but also may release mycotoxins into your air.

If you have noticed any of these issues in your home, Clean Team Plumbing says it can assist you.

The family-owned and operated business will inspect your plumbing and test your water to identify the source of the problems.

If a complete repiping is in order, Clean Team Plumbing service experts will let you know the options and help you make a decision. To learn more, click here.