Food blog claims Brooklyn barbecue is 'taking over the world'; Texans show them real barbecue

On Sunday, VICE's food website Munchies claimed Brooklyn barbecue was "taking over the world." The tweet might have gotten past Twitter users if Munchies hadn't attached a photo of what many are calling "sad looking" barbecue.

The tweet garnered more than 7,500 responses -- several coming from Texans who were hilariously outraged the publication would call what was pictured "barbecue."

The tweet prompted thousands to share photos of real barbecue. While comments came from people in Kansas, Georgia, Alabama and other states, many came from the Lone Star state.

One Twitter user said, "Delete this. Delete the whole tweet, then your whole account, then that whole restaurant. Delete it all. #BlessYourHeart -From All of Texas."

After hours of roasting, it appears Munchies realized they were in the wrong and replied "LMAO" to their own tweet.