5 of the most haunted places in South Texas

Do you dare step foot inside these buildings?


South Texas – There are many places across the world that have been called the most haunted. Some of those places can be found right here in South Texas. 

Here's a look at five of the scariest places.

Yorktown Memorial Hospital


This now-abandoned hospital is about 75 miles southeast of San Antonio. It was built in 1950 and was operated by the Felician Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church would later close the hospital in the late 1980s. Those who have investigated the building have said they have heard footsteps and old toys going off on their own, seen shadow figures or even been scratched. 

Ruckman House


This home is now taken care of by the Karnes County Historical Society and is in the ghost town of Helena. Photos of alleged ghosts inside some of the remaining buildings have been posted online over the years. The rumor is that an evil spirit haunts the Ruckman House. Those who live in the area have said there is something nasty and evil that haunts the home. 

Magnolia Hotel 


It is known as the oldest hotel in Texas. Built in 1840, the hotel, in Seguin, has seen many guests throughout the years, but is now being restored and is open for tours. One of the most notorious guests to have stayed is accused murderer William Faust. The now-owners of the building, Jim and Erin Ghedi, say you can hear him rustling around the room he stayed in, and they believe up to 14 different spirits haunt the place.

Yoakum Community Hospital


This now-abandoned hospital was once the scene of a murder, and the spirits who remain are not happy. Dark, shadowy figures have been captured on camera throughout the building. It is considered by some as one of the most active spots in the state for paranormal activity. Diabolical laughs have also been captured on audio.

Victoria's Black Swan Inn 


San Antonio is home to many alleged haunted buildings, including the Victoria Black Swan Inn. This historic home sits on the land where the Battle of Salado was fought between Texas and Mexico. It was originally built in 1867. The current homeowner still lives there with her children. There have been reports of doors closing on their own, the spirit of a man has being seen, and the sounds of children playing. 

What haunted places have you visited in South Texas? We want to hear your stories. Comment below. 

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