Shopping during Amazon Prime Day? Be aware of this scam.

Better Business Bureau warning consumers about spoofing scam

SAN ANTONIO – It’s fun to get great deals during a shopping event like Amazon Prime Day, but scammers are looking for unsuspecting customers in an effort to get information or money.

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers who are doing their shopping on during Prime Day so they can avoid becoming victims to scammers.

Crooks are posing as Amazon employees and spoofing the BBB’s phone number to make themselves seem legitimate.

The BBB says the scammers will call you with an issue on your Amazon account. Problems range from fraudulent charges on your Prime Card to unfulfilled orders for expensive products.

The con artists will then ask for information, such as credit card numbers or Amazon account details. They may even ask to remotely access your computer to solve the issue.

The BBB if offering the following tips to spot this scam easily:

  • Be skeptical of unsolicited calls or emails, especially if they ask for sensitive personal information. Amazon will never ask you to make a payment outside of its website.
  • Ignore immediate calls for action. Crooks may try to get you to act before you can realize it’s a scam.
  • Beware of requests to pay by wire transfer, with a prepaid gift card or store gift card or through Cashapp or Venmo.
  • If you get a questionable call or email, make sure to report it to Amazon’s customer service.

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