Moldy ice machine, food temperatures lead to failing scores

Mi Hacienda on S WW White, Hacienda Durango on Callaghan fail inspections


SAN ANTONIO – An East Side eatery with a sign reading BJ's recently failed it's health inspection with a score of 55. Metro Health lists the restaurant as Mi Hacienda on South WW White. The inspector found:

  • Multiple food temperature violations.
  • Employees not washing their hands between tasks.
  • The ice machine had a heavy build-up of mold inside.
  • They weren't posting their inspection report where the public could see it.

The manager explained that cooks could not wash their hands constantly due to wearing gloves and said the ice machine has been cleaned. She's expecting a follow-up inspection by the end of the month and said a new sign that reads Mi Hacienda is on her to-do list. 

Hacienda Durango on Callaghan failed their latest inspection with 36 demerits. Food temperature concerns topped this list along with:

  • No soap or towels at a large kitchen sink.
  • Household bug spray was being used.
  • A knife had been wedged between a table and cooler for storage.                                     

The owner said little things added up. He said the inspector came back this week and "everything is OK." 

Metro Health inspects hundreds of restaurants a week in San Antonio. KSAT-12's Behind the Kitchen Door would like to recognize some of the businesses that have earned perfect health scores. They include:

  • Brackenridge High School
  • Culver's on DeZavala
  • Druther's Cafe & Catering on Fredericksburg Road
  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries by the Quarry Market
  • Laguna Madre Seafood Company on Southwest Military.