Dozens arrested in federal gang sweep

Operation 'Triple Beam Alliance' nets drug seizures, gang arrests

SAN ANTONIO – A major initiative involving the takedown of dozens of gang members was outlined Friday afternoon at SAPD headquarters in downtown San Antonio.

Operation Triple Beam Alliance involved federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in Bexar County. 

The operation began in December 2011, after a slew of murders on the east side prompted wide spread public outrage.

People in the area demanded something be done, and on Friday, Chief William McManus argued this operation was a promise kept to the community to curb violence.

"The investigation focused on several violent street gangs that were operating in the target areas," said McManus

A total of 7,38l arrests were recorded during the six-month operation. Of those, 338 were felony arrests, 174 were gang-related, and 23 people were charged with federal crimes.

"Seventy guns, $85,000 in cash, 74 pounds of marijuana, 28,000 grams of cocaine, 367 grams of heroin, and over a 1000 grams of meth were also seized," said McManus.

The 23 defendants, all listed below, are charged by either a federal grand jury indictment or criminal complaint filed since March 7, 2012.

Several gangs were targeted in this operation, including the East Terrace Gangster Crips, Crockett Blocc Crips, Wheatly Courts Bloods, Blood Stixx, Denver Heights Bloods, as well as other San Antonio area gangs operating on the city's East side.

"A lot of this has to do with intelligence collection, of knowing who is out there, knowing what they are doing, how to make the cases against them," said Susan Reed, the Bexar County District Attorney.

Police said they hope the operation will go a long way towards curbing violence on the east side of San Antonio.

Raja Bal, 27

Demetrius Brock, 35

Alvin Butler, 33

Robert Farris, 25

Tyronn Fields, 30

Devonshae Fisher, 18

Brian Foster, 27

JoshuaGirela, 24

Emmanuel Hemphill, 26

Katherine Hemphill, 58

Rodney Johnson, 23

Samuel Johnson, 27

Juan Losoya, 28

Antoine Mackey, 29

Michael Martinez, 19

Dominick McHenry, 21

Glen Miller, 32

Milton Minor, 34

Travis Molden, 22

Marcus Phillips, 24

Chris Robinson, 34

Devon Robinson-McClellan, 22

Marcus Robinson-Tynes, 24