Family outraged after son's killer released

Franco Summers shot and killed Roger Rodriguez in January


The family of 17-year-old Roger Rodriguez held a protest at the site of his murder Friday after the teen's killer was released from jail.

21-year-old Franco Summers fatally shot Rodriguez on January 23, 2013, after the two got into an argument.

Summers claimed self-defense and the Bexar County district Attorney dropped the case because officials said they did not have enough evidence to prosecute a murder charge.

"My heart just broke," Rodriguez' mother Monica Guevara said. "My son needs justice. This murderer needs to be back in jail."

The case has been sent back to the San Antonio Police Department for further investigation.

Rodriguez' family lives down the street from Summers in the 9800 block of Alexa Place.

They protested his return to the neighborhood with signs showing Summer's police mug shot photo next to the words "cold blooded killer".

"They give people more time for doing less crimes," Melissa Gonzales, a family friend, said. "This is a murder case. He killed somebody."

Guevara said the family could pursue other legal action against Summers, but she won't be satisfied until he is back in jail.

"My son is six feet underground and he's able to walk on these streets. That's not right," she said.