Biological mom asks for custody of son 'locked in closet'

Boy's father, stepmother charged with endangering child

Two people are facing child abuse charges in connection with a disturbing case where they allegedly locked their son in a closet and did not feed him.

Deputies found the 5-year-old boy after they responded to a disturbance call at a home in Spring, Texas on March 27.

Investigators arrested the boy's father and stepmother, Brad and Tammi Bleimeyer, and charged them with endangering a child.

The boy's biological mother, Windy Hall spoke out for the first time Tuesday. She was in court for a hearing regarding the boy's custody. Hall claims Brad Bleimeyer refused to let her see the child for more than two years.

"It was the most amazing feeling. It felt like giving birth again, it was amazing and it's a bond that have never should have been broken," said Hall.

Officials say the boy is being treated at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital for bumps, bruises and severe malnutrition. Deputies said he was locked in 4x4 room under a stairwell.

"They put a padlock on there to keep him in there, and that is no way to treat my grandson," said the boy's grandmother, Jaqueline Hall.

Tammi Bleimeyer is pregnant and the mother to other six children. She is not the biological mother to the victim.

Children's Protective Services is working to get custody of all of the couple's children.

The biological mother of the boy met with a judge Tuesday and asked for custody of the child.

A custody hearing will be set for late April to determine who gets custody of the boy.

"To know that it was done to him at the hands of his own father, its just something that nightmares are made out of," said Hall.

Information obtained by KSAT sister station KPRC-TV Houston.

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