Picture of snake raises concern about bluebonnet hunting

Picture shows rattlesnake coiled among bluebonnets

This year's bluebonnet crop has not disappointed.

Along many South Texas roads, you can find the state's official flower, but now a picture that has gone viral has put some on edge. 

The picture, submitted to a news station's Facebook page in Austin, shows a rattlesnake coiled among bluebonnets. 

The picture has many reconsidering their annual trip to take pictures in the bluebonnets, believing it may be too dangerous.

Some experts, however, are questioning the validity of the picture.

"It's a real picture," said Blaine Easton, a snake expert with the South Texas Herpetology Society. "I'm not sure that snake is alive. I think the snake is dead and mounted by a taxidermist."

According to Easton, it is the snake's neck position that causes him to question the picture. Easton said it did raise a valid concern.

"I have found in the middle of bluebonnets, on some ranches, rattlesnakes sitting there," said Easton.

After all, Texas is home to 113 species of snakes. The moral, according to experts, is to just be cautious.

"The chances of getting bit are very slim," added Easton.

The chances of finding snakes are low, but there is perhaps a bigger danger when it comes to stopping to take that perfect bluebonnet picture. That danger lies with traffic, as many of the state's bluebonnets being located along highways and interstates.  

"Make sure you're well off the shoulder in a safe area," said Trooper Anthony Flores, with the Texas Department of Safety.

DPS also reminded those who stop to take pictures to use a turn signal, do not trespass on other's properties, and never cross lanes of traffic on foot.

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