Will crying get you out of a ticket?

SAN ANTONIO – Whether they are tears of anger/fear/frustration, law officers aren't likely to be moved to the point of forgiving your traffic violation.

Bexar County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Frank Bellino said:

"What usually ends up happening is that we know that once they start crying that that's the reason that they are crying. They're not totally sincere about their violation. As the traffic safety sergeant and the DWI sergeant, we are looking at stopping the violation – whatever that might be. There are times that we will give people warnings. But by trying to manipulate us and that's what we feel like they're doing, that doesn't work.  

The best thing to do if you're pulled over is to be kind, courteous and act the way you want to be (treated). If the officer does not want to return that, then you need to go ahead and make the complaint and bring it up to the supervisor's attention because that will be addressed. Everybody wants to be treated in a nice, courteous fashion."

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