Surveillance video helps nab 82-year-old woman's attacker

Joseph Ortega, 20, charged with burglary with intent to commit assault

SAN ANTONIO – A 20-year-old man is accused of walking into the home of an 82-year-old North Side woman Sunday morning and beating her so badly that she was taken by EMS to University Hospital for treatment.

That attack was reported in the 1400 block of West Lynwood, police said. The woman's front door was closed but unlocked.

A neighbor's security camera captured a man, later identified as Joseph Ortega, running away from the victim's home at 6:45 a.m.

San Antonio police used the video to help arrest Ortega 3 1/2 hours after the attack.

"They asked if we had a camera. We said, 'Sure, come on up.' We reviewed it. We found it," the neighbor.

The neighbor's camera captured images of a man with very curly hair and khaki pants running away from the home.

Police found Ortega three blocks from the woman's home wearing the same shirt and bloodstained shoes, and carrying bloodstained khaki pants like the ones seen in the video. Police said his curly hair also matched the man in the video.

"You always think it's a safer way of monitoring, but I never thought it would come in this handy, apprehending someone. I'm glad it did," the neighbor said.

Neighbors were concerned after the attack, saying they were worried that Ortega had targeted the woman because she was older.

"I'm scared for me and my wife. My wife's disabled. She's not able to do anything, and have problems too, you know. I don't think I could fight off an assault like that," said Roger Salazar.

Police did not reveal a motive for the attack. Ortega was charged with burglary with intent to commit assault.