Seguin mayor says city got its money's worth on $60K branding contract

City: Social media complaints over "It's real" slogan not the whole story

SEGUIN, Texas – The city of Seguin's new slogan had some Facebook commenters wondering if a two-word slogan was "really" all nearly $60,000 bought them.

The city recently unveiled a white, green and black logo with a two-word tagline, "It's real." The logo was the product of a $59,500 contract with marketing company Chandlerthinks. The city also agreed to pay for up to $6,000 in travel expenses.

A post about the new branding on Seguin Gazette's Facebook page racked up numerous angry comments from readers, many apparently believing the new logo and slogan were all the city got for its money.

"That is not what happened," Mayor Don Keil said.

He said the city paid for, "An introspection into who we are and how we can show the world and everybody around us who we are."

The city hopes the new branding effort will attract visitors and businesses to the city of 26,660 people. Keil thinks the city got its money's worth.

Aside from the logo and slogan, the city said it got ideas for how it and other parts of the community could incorporate the new brand, whether it's the chamber of commerce, community organizations like the Rotary Club, churches, Realtors or local businesses.

At least one local business, Seguin Cigar, has jumped on board, according to the city. The Seguin-bound side of the store's sign plays on the "it's real" line with "Real cigars. Real great taste. Keep it real, Seguin."

Not everyone was thrilled with the change.

"It probably wouldn't have been my choice," said Cathy Cordes of Amy's & Cathy's Takeout.

Cordes said she could see her business, located on the town square, supporting the new brand.

"It's done," she said. "You know? What's done is done."

Speaking with residents, KSAT 12 didn't find any of the same outrage from social media posts. Most either liked the new brand or seemed ambivalent.

"I've lived in Seguin my whole life, so I would say that's a pretty good summary of it," Hannah Reiley, who was stopping in at Cordes's restaurant, said.

Jon Delagarza thought it was "Very simple. It looks good."

The "real" test of the "it's real" slogan, as resident Elina Randon pointed out, will be if it helps to attract people as the city intends.

"If it works, it's a good thing. If not. Eh," she shrugged.

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