Terrell Heights residents want alley cleaned up

Residents blame CPS contractor for mess

SAN ANTONIO – Neighbors in a Terrell Heights community want to know when their alley will be finished for good.

"Road Closed" signs block entrances on Greenwich, Wellesely and Meadowlane. Upturned earth clutters the route, and remnants of puddles dry out in the sun.

"So like adding insult to injury, now there's like these mosquito breeding grounds," said Alan Crook, as he walks down the alley where he hasn't seen any work done in the past month.

Contractors putting in a gas main for CPS Energy began work the second week of March, CPS spokesman Albert Cantu said. The work was finished the first week of May. The clean up was not.

"They just left it like this," Crook said, standing near a piece of rebar poking through the ground.

In the meantime, Crook can't park in his garage, which he can only get to from the alley. His car was bombarded in a hail storm in April, too, although he said he could have gotten in from one of the other alley entrances at the time if it hadn't been blocked off.

"When I asked them why did they not start construction on one side and leave the other two points of access open, they didn't have an answer for me," Crook said.

Kyle Fry lives next to the Meadowlane entrance. When the torn up alley gets wet, Fry said he can't take his trash can out.

"And we haven't been able to take advantage of out curbside trash disposal in a couple of weeks," he said.

Cantu said relief should be coming soon. Recent rains left the ground too wet for the contractor to finish the cleanup, he said.

The contractor should be back out Tuesday to try and get water out and drop road base on the alley, Cantu said. If all goes well, the cleanup should be finished Wednesday.

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