Karnes County sheriff credits KSAT viewers in robber's arrest

Jared Woodward accused in series of South Texas robberies

KARNES CITY, Texas – It didn’t take long for South Texas lawmen to locate and arrest a suspect in a series of robberies that spanned three counties.

Jared Woodward, 37, was arrested near here on Wednesday just one day after KSAT-12 aired surveillance video of the robbery of a finance company in Nixon.

“The one that Channel 12 had on, we really got a lot of tips on that,” Karnes County Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva said Thursday.

In addition to the finance company, Villanueva said Woodward confessed to robbing service stations and committing a home invasion where he took $85 from an elderly woman.

In each case, Villanueva said, Woodward apologized to his victims saying that he had recently lost his job in the oil fields and needed money to feed his children.

The robberies netted Woodward just over $1,000, according to the sheriff.

Woodward is jailed in Gonzales County awaiting trial on aggravated robbery charges.

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