Video of fight in SA HEB parking lot goes viral, has been seen by millions

Video has been seen 6 million times

(Image via Facebook/Eric Castillo)
(Image via Facebook/Eric Castillo)

SAN ANTONIO – Video of a fight between two groups of people in the parking lot of H-E-B on the far West Side has gone viral.

The video was posted Saturday night and shared on Facebook by Eric Castillo.

The Facebook post says the fight started over a parking spot at the H-E-B on Culebra Road at Loop 1604.

Two women can be seen in the video pulling each other’s hair and kicking one another.

A man who appeared to be an H-E-B employee attempted to intervene, but could not stop the fight and two other men get involved.

What appears to be a security guard also attempts to intervene before the fight got out of control.

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As of Wednesday afternoon, the video had more than 6 million views and been shared nearly 65,000 times.

It also had more than 3,000 comments. 

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