SA family with Rockport vacation home, putting others first during recovery

San Antonio families with houses in Rockport are pulling together for city

SAN ANTONIO – The strongest part of Hurricane Harvey hit the small city of Rockport late Friday. It is where many San Antonio families have second homes. Some have seen the damage, while others sit anxiously, hoping for the best.

One family whose home was damaged is still focusing on helping others. 

Scott Caroselli's Rockport beach house has been in the family for 15 years. He's already been down to see how Harvey left it. 

"We had minimal damage, but not too much to worry about and I looked at that as an opportunity to get down there and help others," Caroselli said.

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He spent Monday at his primary home in San Antonio, packing a trailer to take back to Rockport the next day. Family and friends were there to help.

"I've talked to people at the Chamber of Commerce," he said."They don't really want people coming back right now, but they do need items. They're desperate for things. 

There's no gasoline or power, and word is, there won't be for a while. 

"We've had a few people who are going out and spending a few hundred dollars and buying generators knowing that these are just going to be donated," Caroselli said. "They need tarps, they need propane, just simple things like work gloves just to make things a little easier, the big shovels for debris."

Those items plus stacks of water filled the flatbed trailer. All of it was donated Monday. By the end of the week, Caroselli hopes to fill a big moving truck full of the same types of items: tarps, tools, and lots of equipment. He plans to drive that truck down on Friday.

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The big Penske truck will be at Prime Lending at 1604 and Stone Oak Parkway for the rest of the week. Anyone can go by during the day to drop off donations, up until Friday.

Maggie Kautz thinks it's a wonderful idea. She's also a San Antonian who's had a Rockport family vacation home for 15 years. 

"It was sad, devastating," she said, describing the feeling of watching Harvey destroy Rockport on TV. 

She hasn't been back yet and has no idea if her beach house in Key Allegra is still standing.

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"We're concerned about it, but we're more concerned about the dear people from Rockport," Kautz said.

A similar train of thought from the people who feel Rockport is a part of them. 

"A hurricane doesn't care about race or color or Republican, Democrat, Liberal, left, right, it doesn't care. So this is an opportunity for people to set your differences aside and take time to go make a difference instead," Caroselli said. 

It's the beautiful silver lining in the wake of disaster.

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