Video shows moment gun went off inside car, shooting Houston man in head

Victim on life-support after gun fires inside car in Valero parking lot

(Image via KPRC-TV in Houston)

HOUSTON – A video on social media surfaced over the weekend that showed what Houston police said were the moments leading up to when a gun went off inside a car, shooting a man in the head.

The shooting was reported about 2:30 a.m. Sunday in the parking lot of a Valero gas station.

Houston police said that three people were in the car while the man, identified by friends as Devyn Holmes, 26, and a woman were playing with two handguns. 

The gun fired, hitting Holmes in the head, police said. A video that was posted originally on Facebook and then on Instagram showed what happened before the gun fired. 

Friends confirmed that Holmes is seen in the video, wearing a white shirt and talking to a woman and another man who are in the car with him.

A few seconds later, the woman is seen pointing a gun at the camera and waving it around in the car. Moments later, a gun shot was heard and Holmes is seen slumped over with blood on his shirt.

The woman, who police identified as Cassandra Damper, 25, told police that she believed the weapons were unloaded, investigators said.

Police said Damper was arrested after she tried to wipe off any gunshot residue that may have been on her hands. She was charged with tampering or fabricating of evidence.

Holmes was taken to Ben Taub Hospital, where he is on life-support, police said.

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