Owner of camera found at Spurs game identified with help of KSAT 12 viewers

SAN ANTONIO – A happy reunion is around the corner after one woman's search for the owner of a lost camera ended in success.

After her friends found a camera at a Spurs game on Monday, Darronnette Curtis posted some of the camera's pictures on Facebook in hopes of finding the owner. Within hours of KSAT News reporting on Curtis' search Sunday, the owners had been found.

They were alerted by a friend, who shared the KSAT story with them.

"I think it's wonderful, and I would like to do something to thank her (Curtis)," said Cindy Clancey, the camera's owner.

Clancey said she had been beating herself up since she realized the camera was missing following the Spurs game. She had bought it in anticipation of a trip out West with her husband, Michael, who is featured in many of the photos.

"My husband was so kind. He says, 'Well you got $500 worth of joy out of it already," Clancey said.

It was that price that originally made Curtis want to find the owner. After her friends gave her the camera, she said she did a little research.

When she discovered how expensive the camera was, "I say, 'Oh no. I can't keep this camera. I have to at least try to get it back to who it belongs to,'" Curtis said.

So she went through the photos looking for clues and found something even more valuable -- hundreds of the Clanceys' family photos - and her need to find the owners became even more pressing.

"I figured, you can put a price on a camera, but you can't put a price on you know, those type of pictures or those type of memories," Curtis said.

When KSAT first talked to Curtis on Sunday afternoon, she was still looking for the camera's owner. She said she knew some people would have kept the camera, but she understood the pictures were memories.

"If I put something out in the universe, it comes back," she said. "So I feel like something is leading me to get this camera back to these people."

On the phone Sunday night, Curtis said she had heard from the Clanceys and was convinced that the camera belongs to them.

Hey #SanAntonio I NEED your help! This camera was found at the AT&T Center after the #Spurs game Monday, April 9,...

Posted by Darronnette Curtis on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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