Doctor's former secretary forged 150 prescriptions for relatives, boyfriend, police say

Belen Magdaleno, Isaac Lomas charged


SAN ANTONIO – A 29-year-old woman stole a prescription pad from the doctor's office where she worked and forged 150 prescriptions for a narcotic medication, an arrest affidavit said.

Belen Magdaleno forged the prescriptions to obtain the drug, Norco, for her 27-year-old boyfriend, Isaac Lomas, who was suffering from back pain, the affidavit said. Norco is an opioid and has a high risk for addiction and dependence.

San Antonio police began investigating the case after an H-E-B pharmacy in the 3300 block of SE Military Drive contacted a doctor July 16 to verify a prescription for Lomas, the affidavit said. The doctor told the pharmacy that the man wasn't his patient and not to fill the prescription.

The pharmacy's security camera showed Lomas at the pharmacy on that date, the affidavit said.

The next day, the doctor was investigating the forged prescription when Magdaleno, his front counter secretary, admitted that she forged the prescription because her boyfriend had a back problem, the affidavit said. When asked by the doctor if she had forged prescriptions before, Magdaleno at first denied it and later admitted that she did.

Magdaleno was fired, and she later admitted to stealing a prescription pad from the office, the affidavit said.

The suspect asked the office manager not to call police and "to think about her children (because) she could get years in prison," the affidavit said.

A two-year audit of the doctor's prescription monitoring profile revealed 150 forged prescriptions that were written for Lomas and other family members, the affidavit said.

On July 27, police met with Magdaleno, who told investigators that she wrote the prescriptions for her boyfriend because the doctor knew he had a back problem, the affidavit said. 

Magdaleno was arrested on a charge of prescription fraud. Her boyfriend was arrested and charged with obtaining schedule II drugs by fraud.

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