Video shows 3-day-old 'miracle' baby rescued from storm drain pipe

Pediatrician says baby now in good health

A 3-day-old baby was rescued from a storm drain on Monday.

Officials in the South African town of Durban said the baby’s cry was heard from deep inside the concrete by a passerby who reported it to emergency services.

Emergency responders used a chisel and hammer to break into the drain.

It’s unclear how the newborn girl ended up in the drain, but she was rescued after a three-hour operation. She was then airlifted to an area hospital, where she is reportedly now in good health.

News 24, a South African news outlet that spoke to the doctor treating the baby, reported she had no broken bones or serious injuries.

“She has been awake, responsive and crying,” Dr. Timothy Hardcastle said. “Her glucose and sugar levels are good. She is stable enough for (a) transfer to base hospital so the social aspect can be sorted."

Hardcastle said the biggest challenge was the baby’s  temperature.

“She was very cold,” he said. “She came in at (95.9) degrees. We warmed her up and washed (off) dust and cleaned her abrasions. Our colleagues from pediatrics came down and brought basic medications."

The staff at the hospital where the newborn girl was treated said they believe her survival is a miracle.

Officials continue to investigate how the baby ended up in the pipe.