What’s Up South Texas!: Young DJ inspires others his age to pursue their individual passions

SAN ANTONIO – Music has always been a part of one San Antonio kid's life, which is why he is using his passion to DJ for the sake of inspiring other kids to do anything they put their minds to.

Abram Estrada, 11, started with this passion when he was much younger than what he is now.

"It started when I was 3 or 4 and my dad was making music," Estrada said. "He went on break or something and I saw his piano and started playing."

"I left the computer recording and then I heard this playing on the piano," said Eric Estrada, Abram Estrada's dad. "It wasn’t a banging or anything, so I thought it was my wife and I called out and it was just me and Abram.

“When I turned around he looked at me and walked out as if he didn’t do anything. I stopped the recording and listened and thought it was pretty progressive," Eric Estrada said. "I was writing a bunch of music around his piano line and a lot of people liked it and they would be like 'That is him?' (Abram) would be like 'That’s me!'"

At first, Abram Estrada's parents started realizing this newfound love through his body movements.

"He was just very active but always tapping, humming and moving around to the beat," said Cynthia Delapena, Abram Estrada's mother. "At first, I thought maybe we should look into this but then Eric was like, 'No, I think he is counting beats.'"

"That was like his thing," Eric Estrada said. "While listening to music in the car or somewhere, he'd wait and be like, 'No not yet!' Then he would '1 2 3 and boom.' So that was his thing. To be able to feel the beat when it was just going to naturally come in."

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