This day in 2012: Carrizo Springs hit with hail, strong winds

Straight-line winds blamed for damage

CARRIZO SPRINGS, Texas – In the normally quiet town of Carrizo Springs, extreme heat Tuesday afternoon was replaced by severe weather early Wednesday morning.

“We were so scared,” said 38-year resident of Carrizo Springs Aurora Solis.

The storm moved through just after midnight and Solis said it took much of the small town by surprise.

Despite extensive damage, no injuries were reported, news that Solis was grateful to hear.

“Thanks to god, we’re alive,” said Solis.

Diana Rezendez, Solis’ daughter, suffers from cancer and was forced to join her parents in their home across town. Her home lost power shortly after the storms and power remained off through the afternoon.

“Oh my gosh, it’s very hot already,” said Rezendez.

Power issues remained a problem city-wide, leaving residents to endure some of the hottest temperatures of the year without air conditioning.

The Dimmit County Hospital considered moving patients due to the heat, however, power was restored to the hospital around lunchtime.

Damage was widespread throughout Carrizo Springs, with debris covering many roads.

Restaurant owner Aurelia Perez took on significant damage and said it would days before she could reopen her business.

"There’s a lot of damage to us,” she said. “Everything is on concrete and steel beams and everything, but it still moved it around.”

“Right now, what we are trying to do is clean up the streets make an assessment on the damage that have been sustained,” said Dimmit County Sheriff Joel Gonzalez.

Gonzalez did fly over the city to get an aerial view and said damage appeared to be in a circular pattern, centered over downtown Carrizo Springs.

The National Weather Service believed that the damage is consistent with a downburst, strong winds that are pushed out a thunderstorm.

As of late afternoon, 75 percent of the homes in Carrizo Springs had regained power.

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