BCSO deputy suspended for mistaken release of inmate held on ICE detainer

SAN ANTONIO – A Bexar County jailer was suspended for mistakenly releasing an inmate who was being held on an ICE detainer, according to disciplinary documents.

Deputy Selena Berlanga was suspended without pay for five days in April, three months after Ricardo Mujica was improperly released from jail.

On Jan. 15, Berlanga walked out a group of inmates set to be released. Berlanga had release paperwork for 14 inmates, according to the document, but 16 of them were in line.

Berlanga allegedly noticed one of the inmates and escorted him back into the jail, but failed to notice Mujica.

An investigation conducted by the sheriff's office revealed that Mujica sneaked into the line and was escorted out without Berlanga's knowledge, according to the document.

Mujica was sentenced to four years of probation for a domestic violence charge, but remained in jail on the immigration detainer. Because he already satisfied the conditions of the state charge, the sheriff's office had no authority to rearrest him, officials previously said.