Cause of fire that injured 5 family members in Windcrest under investigation

At least 2 victims suffered severe burns, neighbor says

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Fire investigators are working to determine what caused a fire that destroyed a Windcrest home early Tuesday and sent five members of a family to a hospital.

At least two of the victims suffered severe burns, according to a neighbor.

Pedro Torres, who lives across the street from the burned home, said he woke up around 3 a.m. to a commotion in the 200 block of Windcrest Drive.

“I heard screams and then I saw pieces of fire hitting our window,” he said.

Torres immediately woke up his wife and children and ushered them into his truck.

As he began to back out of their driveway, Torres heard his neighbor calling to him for help.

“They were all laying on the driveway,” Torres said. “I grabbed the young lady with the two kids and put them in the truck. Then she told me to go back for her mom and dad.”

Torres said he found both of the woman’s parents badly hurt outside their home.

Torres said he first helped the woman’s mother, who was suffering from severe burns, into his truck.

“The old man was already across the street on the grass, and he was, like, completely burned,” Torres said.

As soon as paramedics arrived, they rushed the victims to a hospital.

Firefighters did not immediately have any information on the conditions of the victims.

Firefighters had a tough fight on their hands as they battled stubborn flames that were fueled by strong winds.

Firefighters from several nearby cities, as well as the U. S. Air Force, helped battle the blaze, which took more than three hours to put out.

The fire destroyed the family’s home as well as at least three pickups that were parked behind the residence. A fourth truck also appeared to be scorched.

Before anything had a chance to cool down, fire investigators were on the scene looking for clues in hopes of finding a cause.

The city of Windcrest has put together a drive to help the victims of the fire.

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