Katrina Webber

Crime Fighters Reporter

Katrina Webber was born and raised in Queens, NY, but after living in Gulf Coast states for the past decade, she feels right at home in Texas.

She joined the KSAT family in December, 2009, after working briefly at another local station.

Katrina's interest in news began in her family's home, where her father encouraged her and her seven siblings to keep up with current affairs by watching the nightly news and reading the newspaper on a regular basis. As a child, she also had two chance encounters with people whom she watched on TV every night, and which helped solidify the idea of pursuing a career as a TV reporter. One of the people was Geraldo Rivera, now the host of his own network program. The other was a less famous female reporter who had actually grown up in the same neighborhood and made Katrina realize that working in TV news was an achievable goal.

A graduate of San Diego State University, Katrina received a Bachelors of Arts degree in journalism. She started her professional career in radio news, reporting for the CBS affiliate in San Diego and the CBS radio network. Katrina also worked for TV stations in Yuma, Ariz., Beaumont, Texas and Shreveport, La.

When Katrina is not updating you on the events of the day, you might spot her taking part in one of her other passions -- music. It's not unusual to find her singing karaoke or leading a song with her church choir. Katrina also enjoys running, spending time with her nieces and nephews and speaking to children in schools.