‘While You Were Sleeping’: Bail bonds business is a 24-hour operation

A man known simply as “Ace” helps clients of E-Z Out Bail Bonds all night long

‘While You Were Sleeping’: Bail bonds business is a 24-hour operation
‘While You Were Sleeping’: Bail bonds business is a 24-hour operation

SAN ANTONIO – It’s well past most people’s normal business hours, but a man known simply as “Ace” is making it his business to be available to people who need him.

At nearly 11 p.m. on a recent night, he was holed up inside a small building steps away from the Bexar County jail, juggling an office phone and cell phone which were taking turns ringing.

On the other end were people who were caught in a tough spot, looking for financial help in getting loved ones or themselves out of trouble.

Ace burns the midnight oil to help clients of E-Z Out Bail Bonds. (KSAT 12 News)

“Any one of us can be part of this system. It's just split seconds of going the right way or the wrong way,” he said. “Doctors. General managers. Teachers. Preachers. You name it.”

During his more than two decades in the bail bonds business, Ace has seen people from all walks of life suddenly fall into the criminal justice system.

When they don’t have the money to get out of trouble, many turn to companies like E-Z Out Bail Bonds.

“We take the risk and we are promising the system that person will show up in the court room all the way until case closed,” he said.

Ace said he never thought he, himself, would get into this career field.

However, the native of Turkey agreed to lend a helping hand at the business which was started by his brother-in-law and sister in 1994.

Eventually, he began working there six days per week, from 4 p.m. until midnight.

After that, Ace says he transfers calls to his cell phone so he can field calls from clients all night long.

“Of course, it will be exhausting but you're helping people at the end,” he said.

That help includes offering clients advice for avoiding further pitfalls and future stays in jail.

Words of wisdom decorate the walls inside E-Z Out Bail Bonds. (KSAT 12 News)

All around the office are signs offering words of wisdom.

Ace also is quick to offer some of his own. “Be careful in your relationships,” he said. “Not necessarily the bad people go to jail. The good ones also go to jail.”

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