Coronavirus outbreak keeps local cleaning products company busy

Cleaning Ideas Corp. manufactures 1,000 gallons of hand sanitizer daily to keep up with demand

SAN ANTONIO – Cleaning Ideas Corp. in San Antonio has been manufacturing cleaning products and selling them for more than 91 years, and over the last few weeks, business has increased quite a bit.

“We’ve been very busy since the coronavirus outbreak,” Cleaning Ideas Corp. CEO Randall Davis said. “We’ve got all seven of our locations here in San Antonio and Kerrville. The business has doubled and tripled in some of our locations since we manufacture most of the products here.”

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Davis said his company is selling a lot of hand sanitizer and they are still stocking their shelves, but they're also having to manufacture more of the product to keep up with the demand.

"We make our alcohol hand sanitizer gel here in San Antonio," Davis said. "So, we do have it in stock, as you can see. We continue to make more everyday, about a thousand gallons a day is currently what we're trying to produce."

Davis said his company saw a similar spike in sales with the H1N1 outbreak, but through it all, Cleaning Ideas has kept prices the same -- no matter the demand.

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"I think it's very unfortunate that people are taking advantage of a situation like this," Davis said. We never changed our prices, no matter what's happening."

Davis also said the company is not setting a limit on how many cleaning products or hand sanitizer bottles customers can buy.

“No one needs to panic. There are companies, locally, that are making these products and we will catch up. We’ll be able to supply what everyone needs,” he said.

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