Governor’s mask mandate overdue but welcomed, San Antonio, Bexar County leaders say

Local law enforcement to issue warnings, then fines

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said there was a big reason he said “it was about time” that Gov. Greg Abbott made face masks mandatory.

"Every hour that goes by where this infection is allowed to be transmitted is another hour that we lose to this virus, and we see how quickly it can spread," Nirenberg said.

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Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said he believes reopening the state without taking the needed precautions "was a mistake the governor made."

"They're focused on vigorous enforcement of these orders because we have to get this pandemic under control," Nirenberg said after meeting with the governor's team Friday.

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Abbott's executive order states warnings would be issued initially, followed by $250 fines for each violation.

However, Wolff said it shouldn't have to come to that "if people do the right thing."

Nirenberg said the alarming rise in cases and the continued strain on frontline workers and hospitals should concern every man, woman and child in this community.

“We need to work together to fix this,” he said.

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