‘Heard they were trying to make me nonexistent to Selena’s legacy:’ Chris Perez social media post goes viral

Chris Perez’s manager sets record straight on meaning behind post; Selena’s sister denies rumors

Chris Perez talks Selena's legacy and what he's doing now. (KSAT)

Chris Perez, the widower of Tejano legend Selena, is speaking out about rumors that photographs of Selena and him together have been removed from the Selena Museum.

According to Carlito Miranda, Perez’s manager, someone reached out to Perez on social media after a recent visit to the museum.

Chris Perez reflects on his life with, without Selena, and her legacy 25 years later

“Obviously it bothered him,” Miranda said.

On Tuesday, Perez took to social media with a post saying, “I heard they were trying to make me nonexistent to Selena’s legacy..... Go for it.”

Fans quickly began commenting and sharing the post; Most in support of Perez.

“One thing I love about Selena’s fans is that they stand up for him,” Miranda said. “You can’t erase their love story.”

In an interview with KSAT.com, Miranda said that for years Perez has kept quiet and respected the Quintanilla family despite tensions.

“Chris has always taken the high road, but at some point, you have to stand up and speak for yourself,” Miranda said.

So far, Perez’s post on social media has been shared more than 8,000 times and has more than 5,000 comments on it.

A few hours after this story was posted, Suzette Quintanilla, posted two videos on her Instagram account that show Perez on the Selena Museum wall.

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