Alcohol sales are up, but that may not be such a good thing

Adults over 30 are drinking more due to stress from COVID-19 pandemic

Alcohol sales are up thanks to the stress brought on by the coronavirus.

While that may be a good thing for local businesses, it’s not such a good thing for your health.

A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows Americans over 30 have been drinking even more than usual during the coronavirus pandemic, compared to last year.

Health experts say that could lead to many unwanted consequences down the road.

According to an article published by CNN, overall alcohol consumption increased by about 14% from 2019.

That averages out to about one additional drinking day per month in about 75% of adults.

Health experts say that excessive alcohol use can lead to a weakened immune system, and even cause what’s called ‘Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome’.

Experts are also worried about ‘Substance Use Disorder’, since more people are stressed these days.

They say that with increased isolation at home, having to help with stay-at-home school, and other factors like the election and natural disasters, more people are likely to increase their drinking levels.

Doctors say finding healthier ways to cope with stress, like exercising and finding a hobby, can help prevent substance use issues taking hold of you.

Maintaining a regular schedule and getting enough sleep can also help.

If you need more help, physicians say even more assistance can be found through telehealth and virtual support groups.

Experts say reaching out to family and friends is also a great option.

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